About IOliveYou®

IOliveYou® was founded in 2019 by a group of friends who found that today, traditional handcrafts have disappeared. We saw that the "Clothes or Bags" in the market are becoming more and more similar.fabric/pocket/pattern/color, same everywhere. Where are the clothes that have defined generations of fashion lovers?Not only has fashion clothes becoming completely unrecognizable, but they also losing their their personality, their craftsmanship.At the same time, COVID outbreak is keeping children out of school,limiting outdoor activities,Increased family pressure,People were more stressed, comparing their lives to others on social media, and allowing work to overtake more and more of the work-life balance.Enter IOliveYou® - our visceral and irreverent response to all of the above.We launched in September of 2011 and were sold out for 2+ years of our product, which are based on the theme of "love", from the packaging to the details of each product, parents and children can feel the love. Examples: Pastel Kids Party, Love Pink, Lover Teel, Just Olive You, Marry Into The Purple and more. So, "IOliveYou®"="I Aways Love You", here for this.

Our Address Information

Address:508 Orchard Ave 2fl,Palisades Park, NJ

Work Time:Monday to Friday
9 am to 23 pm

Our E-mail: service@ioliveyou.com

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