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IOliveYou® Tie Dye Kit | Natural Indigo Blue Theme

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For crafty and curious kids exploring their creative independence

    Color – Blue

    IOliveYou® Tie Dye Kit | Blue Indigo Tie Dye

    • FROM BLANK To SWANK:Take Your Gear from lonely to only wtih our tie-die kit products.Upcycle used clothes or boring cloth items into something new and exciting with tie dye colors.
    • PRODUCTS INCLUDE:Each Theme package includes 4 squeeze bottle, 40 Pcs rubber bands, 8 bags of tie-dye pigment(2bags/per color), 6 pairs of protective gloves, 1 Pcs spray nozzle, 1 Pcs funnel, 1 Pcs disposable aprons, 1 Pcs plastic table cloth, 2 Pcs zip-lock bags and 1 Pcs easy-to-use instructional guide.
    • NONTOXIC DYES:Just add water to bottles to activate dyes, shake and squeeze it, then apply to the fabrics.All dye is non-toxic and machine wash safe.Our dyes are permanent and stay bright after regular machine wash.
    • GREAT FOR KIDS & ADULT:Use refills for multiple projects like monochromatic Hallowee gifts, Christmas gifts, Christmas gifts, Birthday gifts, party and souvenir gifts with tie dye.

    3.5 Ounces/Bottle

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    Our Store

    Friday after 5pm

    In a world inundated with emails, fake news, status updates, smartphones & COVID watches, and Coronavirus happened , with no money and people working hard,we exist to bring our community back to the moment and deliver that Friday at 5pm feeling every day of the week.

    This is the moment our customer finds balance; when they stop focusing on what they should be doing and instead focus on what they want to do.

    Our Story

    IOliveYou was founded in 2019 by a group of friends who found that today, traditional handcrafts have disappeared. We saw that the "clothes" in the market are becoming more and more similar.fabric/pocket/pattern/color, same everywhere. Where are the clothes that have defined generations of fashion lovers?Not only has fashion clothes becoming completely unrecognizable, but they also losing their their personality, their craftsmanship.

    At the same time, COVID outbreak is keeping children out of school,limiting outdoor activities,Increased family pressure,People were more stressed, comparing their lives to others on social media, and allowing work to overtake more and more of the work-life balance.

    Enter IOliveYou - our visceral and irreverent response to all of the above.
    We launched in September of 2011 and were sold out for 2+ years of our Tie-dye set product.

    All of our products are based on the theme of "love", from the packaging to the details of each product, parents and children can feel the love. Examples: Pastel Kids Party, Love Pink, Lover Teel, Just Olive You, Marry Into The Purple and more. So, "IOliveYou"="I Aways Love You", here for this.

    Live and Enjoy the Colorful Life with Our Easy Tie-Dye Theme Projects.Tie Dye is more than a t-shirt, it's a way of life!
    Different tie-dye themes give you colorful life colors!

    Throughout, we maintained a consistent focus on building the perfect product and fun activities for family and kids on your Weekend, and wove every products around that objective.

    Now, we are proud to say wewe can tie-dye fashion on a budget, not only that, a brand built by, and for, our community and 100% centered on that Friday after 5pm feeling.

    How To Use

    Just add water to bottles to activate dyes, shake and squeeze it, then apply to the fabrics. Never fade!

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    Pastel Kids Party Theme

    Neon, as the main theme color, it’s a symbol of happiness, passion, health and lover.It is the best choice a gift for girls and kids.

    Natural Indigo Blue Theme

    Indigo Blue, undoubtedly the most fashionable color, is a symbol of freedom, bravery and persistence. Monet said: The gentleness on your body is the blue of Klein, with a little gray of Monet. So blue also gives people a gentle feeling.

    Olive Dye Forever Theme
    Olive, a very special color in green, is a low-key and individual color. Symbolizing growth, vitality and hope, olive green is, in my opinion, the most appropriate green in the world. You can never imagine how unexpected your new outfit will be after using olive tie dye

    Black Magic Theme
    Black is a simple, yet powerful and mysterious color. If you are like me, a simple person who likes to challenge life, then black will never let you down.

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    Return Policy

    We’re happy if you’re happy. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase in any way, we will accept it back for a full refund to your original method of payment within 30 days of purchase. Simply email our Customer Support team at ioliveyouservice with your order number and we’ll be happy to help you.

    IOliveYou® Tie Dye Kit | Natural Indigo Blue Theme
    IOliveYou® Tie Dye Kit | Natural Indigo Blue Theme
    IOliveYou® Tie Dye Kit | Natural Indigo Blue Theme
    IOliveYou® Tie Dye Kit | Natural Indigo Blue Theme
    IOliveYou® Tie Dye Kit | Natural Indigo Blue Theme
    IOliveYou® Tie Dye Kit | Natural Indigo Blue Theme
    IOliveYou® Tie Dye Kit | Natural Indigo Blue Theme
    IOliveYou® Tie Dye Kit | Natural Indigo Blue Theme
    IOliveYou® Tie Dye Kit | Natural Indigo Blue Theme
    IOliveYou® Tie Dye Kit | Natural Indigo Blue Theme
    • Desinged With Love

      Welcome to our store.

    • Never Fade

    • Recyclable

    • Material Safety Data Sheet

    Natural Indigo Blue Theme

    4 Color:Time to indi-go,Warm blue bayou,Sweet baby blue,Lovely teal. For crafty and curious kids exploring their creative independence. Great for friends parties, family fun, kids birthday parties or other group activities.

    Get Inspired

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What are the ingredients of dye products? Is it safe for kids?

    A: Dye ingredients: Sodium Sulfate Decahydrate, which is Nontoxic and Safe for kids. All our products have Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) safety certificate.

    Q: Does the fabric have to be 100% cotton? Can this be used on a shirt that’s 60% cotton and 40% polyester?

    A: We recommend using our tie dye products on fabrics that are 100% natural, such as cotton, rayon and silk. It will not work well with polyester and if the material is not 100% cotton, it may not adhere well to the fabric.

    Q: How many shirts can you tie dye with one kit?

    A: Generally, we say that each bottle of tie dye can create up to 3 medium size adult t-shirts. This depends on the overall color coverage, as well as fabric saturation. We have noticed that beginner tie dyers and children tend to use more dye than what is needed, so we usually allocate one bottle of dye per person when we host events and parties.

    Q: How long does the dye last on clothes, is it permanent colour or washing off after a while?

    A: The dye is permanent when used on 100% natural fibers such as cotton. If you use this on synthetic fibers like polyester, it will not hold.

    Q: How long does it take the dye to set? How to wash after dye?

    A: After letting dye set 8 hours (or longer like 24 hours for most intense colors), fully rinse dyed fabric in cold water until all extra dye is removed and water runs clear. Wash and dry separately. It is recommended to wash newly dyed items separately from other clothing for the first few washes.