Creative Tie Dye Ideas

Creative Tie Dye Ideas

Tie dye is such a fun and creative activity you can do with your kids, your friends all year long. It's more than just summer!

Tie dye is really popular, learn how to tie dye than you might have expected. We would like to share with you some tie dye ideas that are interesting and perfect for all ages. 

Open a more coforful & creative world!

TIE DYE SUPPLIES: 4 themes of IOliveYou tie dye kits 

When we think of tie dye, what comes to mind first might be shirts.

But the truth is you can tie dye nearly anything.

  • Things to wear: Shirts, dresses, pants, shoes, socks, bandanas, face masks etc.
  • Things to carry: tote bags, backpacks, towel etc.

Tie Dye Art Design

This is a great way to create serious pops of color with this permanent marker tie dye technique!

Tie Dye with Ice

We have a blog dedicated to ice tie-dye, which introduces the fun and renderings of ice tie-dye, via Create Unique Tie Dye Prints with Ice Dyeing!

Watermelon Tie Dye Pattern

This watermelon tie dye dress is so cute! Your daughter is going to want one this summer! via tie dye techniques

A Tie Dye Party

A tie-dye party to celebrate upcoming festival is the perfect party theme for you guys! We always feel tie dye is craft itself, like t-shirt tie dye, socks dye, actually it’s more than that. We could go all out to throw a party decor too!