Cute Tie Dye Cookies

Cute Tie Dye Cookies

We have been trying to make all kinds of tie-dye patterns, especially clothing, hats, socks, etc., but tie-dye is everywhere. If you see such cute tie-dye cookies below today, isn’t it amazing?

One day, my girls attended a week long Camp. Before the week of camp, I was planning to make some cookies as thank yous for all the teachers/volunteers. Before i stared, I suddenly saw the rainbow tie-dye camp shirts and realized what fun cookies could be made to match the shirts!

Look how the shirt matching with the cookies, they just felt so excited:

During the making, I had so much fun with these cookies… it would be almost impossible to not be happy while working with such fun, rainbow colors!  The general technique for these cookies is quite simple, but they have lots of wow factor!  The camp teachers were thrilled with their colorful cookies!

Ready to tie-dye cookies?

Prepare one bag (or bottle-which ever you like) of icing in each color you need… in this case, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple.  The icing should be thinned to a medium/flood consistency- just thick enough not flow off the edge of the cookie, but thin enough to fill in on it’s own- about the consistency of shampoo.

1.-3.  Start on the outside of the shirt, adding the first color to just the edges, not all the way around.  Begin filling in with the next colors, in rainbow order, or reverse rainbow order (as shown).

4. When the shirt is totally flooded with color, you’re ready to add the tie-dye look.

5.  Use a toothpick to drag a line from the center of the cookie, toward the outside edge, as shown.

6.  Wipe off the toothpick, and now drag a line from the outside edge of the cookie, toward the center (as shown).

7.-8.  Continue around the shirt, dragging the toothpick from the center, out, then from the outside toward the center, cleaning the toothpick as you work.

9.  Once all the lines have been drawn with the toothpick (as shown in photo 8), drag the toothpick again through one of your lines that went from the outside to the center, and as you get toward the center, swirl the toothpick into a ‘C’ or 3/4 circle.  This will give the final, true tie-dye effect.

Allow the cookies to dry fully (6-8 hours) before packaging.

Love tie dye… and cookies?

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