Halloween Tie Dye

Halloween Tie Dye

What is Tie Dye?

Tie Dye is a process of folding and tying off a fabric item like shirts (or other products!) then dying with fabric dyes to reveal colorful and beautiful patterns. It is a popular way to create DIY shirts because tie dye is easy to do at home and is a fun way for the whole family to be creative. It’s also a great to up-cycle or reuse old clothes. Plus, the surprise of what colorful pattern you will get after unfolding your tie dye projects is SO much fun!

Get ready for Halloween with fun tie dye shirts? You can make Halloween tie dye shirts using basic techniques and supplies that are perfect for the whole family! Spooky spirals, pumpkins, skeleton faces and more Halloween tie dye patterns are made EASY with a blank shirts, dye, and a little creativity!

Tie Dye is one of my favorite activities to do with my kids, families and friend. It gets more fun at the Halloween! My kids enjoy coming up with new tie dye shirts that they can wear to school parties or trick-or-treat.

I designed several Halloween tie dye designs that you can make, too! These shirts can be made with basic patterns, so they are perfect for parties that include kids or beginners.

Halloween Tie Dye Shirt Supplies

If you’re new to tie dye, you will need a few basic supplies, or you could visit our products here which will provide you everything to tie dye

Cotton or Natural Fabric Shirt (or other blank fabric items)

Fiber Reactive Dye

Rubber Bands or String

Squeeze Bottles

Urea (helps dissolve dye and retain moisture)

Wire Rack

Plastic Sheet to cover work surface

Ziploc Gallon Storage Bags or Plastic Wrap

Keep in mind that all of the shirts that I made for this post used professional fiber reactive dye. Results may vary depending on the dye you use! 

Common fabric dye works best with cotton or natural fabric (like rayon, hemp, etc.) Polyester fabrics will not work with standard tie dye kits or fiber reactive powder dyes.

How to Make Halloween Tie Dye Shirts

No matter what pattern you will make, the basics of tie dye remain the same.

First, prep your shirt with water or soda ash as directed in the dye instructions.

Then create the design for your shirt by folding and tying it into sections with rubber bands or string.

Apply the dye and let sit in a plastic bag for a minimum of a few hours or up to 24 hours to develop.

Then you will rinse, unfold, and wash your tie die shirt in the washing machine to reveal your beautiful pattern!

You can create different patterns by folding, twisting, and tying your shirt in different ways. Where you have folded and tied the shirt will create areas of the shirt that will resist the dye you apply and stay white.

Halloween Tie Dye Designs

All of these Halloween shirts use basic tie dye designs. Even if you are a beginner, you will be able to make each and every one of these shirts. I love plain tie dye shirts, but Halloween designs on these shirts was the perfect addition to celebrate the spookiest day of the year!

Pumpkin Tie Dye Shirt

If you’re looking for a Halloween tie dye shirt that is a little more creative, try a Pumpkin tie dye shirt! It’s an easy twist on the bullseye design!

By sectioning off a large section in the middle of the shirt and dyeing it orange, you’ll reveal the perfect pumpkin.

Candy Corn Tie Dye Shirt

Do you know someone that loves candy corn? Make an easy candy corn shirt using a horizontal stripe pattern!

Anyway, you can refer to my Tie Dye Patterns video if you like.

Which Halloween tie dye shirt is your favorite?

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