How to Make Halloween Tie Dye Pumpkins

How to Make Halloween Tie Dye Pumpkins

Halloween is coming up! Carving a pumpkin can be messy and a little stressful when there are small hands reaching for the knives. There are so many different options for maing pumpkins that it can be a little overwhelming. We've collected the best ways to dye the pumpkins with your kids. They will have a lot of fun expressing their creativity this Halloween.

Create cheerful and colorful Tie Dye Pumpkins with some t-shirts (or whatever other fabric you have handy), craft pumpkins and pre-mixed dyes!

If the other pumpkin designs don't appeal to you, maybe these fun pumpkin decorating ideas are more your style. You can so easily customize your painted pumpkins if the designs below aren't exactly what you want.


  • Wash fabric and dry it without any fabric softener. Cut into squares large enough to completely cover pumpkins.
  • Cover your work area with the drop cloth and use the plastic gloves that are both included in the tie dye kit.
  • Shake dye bottles well before applying. Apply the dyes in the colors and patterns of your choice (see pattern tutorials below).
  • Let dyed project dry overnight. The next day, remove the rubber bands, air dry and once dry, place in dryer for 20 minutes to set the dye. Wash on regular cycle with no other items and dry as usual.