How to Make a Tie-Dyed Christmas Shirt

How to Make a Tie-Dyed Christmas Shirt

Tie-dyeing has been around for centuries, developed in both ancient China and ancient Japan. Native tribes throughout the Americas dyed fabrics using plant matter. In the 1960s and 1970s, it became a staple for hippies everywhere.

Create a fun, festive Christmas tie-dye t-shirt, tank top or hoodie by hosting a Christmas tie-dyeing project for family and friends. Tie-dyeing short-sleeve or long-sleeve shirts in the traditional red and green colors of Xmas gets everyone in the Christmas spirit. Best of all, this project is a fun activity for both adults and kids.

Things You'll Need

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Today we would like to share how to make a Christmas Spiral Scrunch

Prepare the shirt

1. Create a center point

Locate a point on the t-shirt that will be the center of the finished tie dye design. It can be any place on the shirt.

2. Twist the shirt

Pinch the center point, twist the t-shirt and place a rubber band 1 inch below this point to create a pattern.

3. Rubber band the shirt

Continue to twist the shirt and fasten a rubber band onto the garment every 1 to 3 inches. The pattern does not need to be symmetrical, so you can vary the spaces between the rubber bands to add interest to the shirt. Keep twisting and tying the shirt until the entire garment is in one long piece, like a rope.

Dye the shirt

1. Prepare the dye

Prepare a dye bath for each color according to the instructions included with the dye packaging.

2. Dip and dye

Dye the shirt by dipping one-half of the garment into the red dye, and the other half into the green dye. Wear gloves or hold onto the rubber band to dye the center to avoid dyeing your skin.

Rinse off the dye

1. Ring out the shirt

Wring all the excess liquid out of the dyed t-shirt, and place it in a plastic bag. Seal the bag. Allow the t-shirt to set in the bag overnight.

2. Remove rubber bands

Remove rubber bands while rinsing out the t-shirt. Wash it alone in the washing machine using cold water.

Hang the t-shirt and allow it to air dry.

Wear your tie dye

Once your Christmas tie-dye shirt is completely dry, it is ready to be worn.

While ugly Christmas sweaters are a clothing staple this time of year, making for a truly funny Christmas experience, your family can also start a new tradition of making DIY tie-dye holiday shirts every year. Nothing says Merry Christmas better than time well spent together. Wear your homemade tie-dye t-shirts while you decorate the Christmas tree, build a snowman or wait for Santa to arrive.