How to Tie-Dye The Christmas Stocking

How to Tie-Dye The Christmas Stocking

Christmas time means tie-dye time – and what better accessory than tie-dyed Christmas socks?

The way we see it, stockings don’t have to be red. We love a strong shade of merry berry as much as Santa himself. But this year we’ll be stuffing those trusty festive socks with an assortment of technicolor surprises, which has got us dreaming about stockings that are just as lively on the outside as they are on the inside. A cozy, tie-dyed treasure trove of treats, if you will.

An easy tie-dye kit (IOliveYou Tie Dye Kit)
A plain cotton stocking (source online or locally, or if you’re handy with a needle and thread you can make your own)
Protective gloves & table cloth

1. Prep your work surface
Cover your kitchen table or a large desk with a protective tablecloth and a layer of paper towels.

2. Pre-wash your stocking
Pre-wash your stocking in water without detergent to prep the fabric and remove any stiffness. If you want to use the wet-dye method (this means colors will bleed into each other, resulting in a more ombré look), then move ahead with the next step. For the dry-dye method, (changes in colors will be more crisp), allow your stocking to completely dry out before proceeding.

3. Mix your dyes
Put on some protective gloves and add water to your dye bottles, filling up to the line. (Add more water when you want to create a lighter shade of color.) Secure the cap and shake until your dye is dissolved.

4. Choose a pattern & apply your dyes
Pick a pattern below then fold/scrunch your fabric accordingly before applying each dye with a squiggle motion, turning over your stocking to color both sides.

Wrap, set & rinse
Cover your dyed stocking with cling film to keep it damp and leave it to set for 6-8 hours. Cut away the rubber bands and rinse well with water so the excess dye is removed. Pop it in the washing machine on a hot water setting with a small amount of detergent and leave to dry. Finally, enjoy your thoroughly colorful creation to yourself or gift it to a friend!